Blue Ocean Strategy.. part 3

Blue Ocean Strategy Summarizing Chapters 7-9   Four Hurdles Cognitive - an organization wedded to the status quo Resource - Limited resources Motivational - Unmotivated staff Political - Opposition from powerful vested interests Tipping point leadership builds on the reality check, that for every business in the market there are people, acts, and activities that [...]


Blue Ocean Strategy.. part2

Blue Ocean Strategy Summarizing Chapters 4-6 Focussing on the big picture instead of numbers and drawing the strategy canvas. A robust strategic planning process is required to distinguish a blue ocean from red oceans. Four Steps of Visualizing Strategy Visual Awakening - comparison with competitors Visual Exploration - six paths to create blue ocean Visual [...]

Blue Ocean Strategy.. part1

Blue Ocean Strategy Summarizing Chapters 1-3 Chapter 1 introduces the concept of creating a Blue Ocean, the new market space. It describes Red ocean and Blue ocean markets, those that exist in known market space and those that do not respectively. Citing examples of successful companies like Cirque du Soleil, the authors determine the path [...]