R Line Plots – the easiest fastest plot ever

What you need:

  • Data
  • R
  • Eager Bioinformatician

For data I used a file with 7 columns where the first column was a counter and the other columns (2-7) had different values that I would like to compare across using a line plot to visualize the variation in my data points

Serves: As many data points you would like to extend it to

Time: Once you have a parsed dataset, this is fast: you wouldn’t want to blink

Plotting lines with a legend 🙂

> x <- read.table(“filename”);

> png (“filename.png”)

> plot (x[,2], type=”l”, col = “steelblue”, ylab=”Heading”)

> lines (x[,3], col = “pink”)

> lines (x[,4], col = “cyan”)

> lines (x[,5], col = “magenta”)

> lines (x[,6], col = “green3”)

> lines (x[,7], col = “blue”)

> legend(11000, 2, c(“124-100”, “124-50”, “124-20”, “124-10”, “124-5”, “124-2”), lty=c(1,1), lwd=c(2.5,2.5), col=c(“steelblue”,”pink”,”cyan”,”magenta”,”green3″,”blue”))

> dev.off()

Feel free to change/add colors* and serve embedded within your document/ppt!

* You can find a detailed list of color names in R here: http://www.stat.columbia.edu/~tzheng/files/Rcolor.pdf


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