What to expect at AGBT 2013

Things seem to be a lot smoother with AGBT this year (last year, it was all booked within minutes of registration online)! I heard that one year the meeting agenda was not known until people got the registration materials on-site.

Although not all titles are available for the 2013 AGBT, it makes for an interesting tag cloud visualization. I took the existing titles from the agenda and used a tag generator to look at the common words or trends. I have listed some observations to start with, feel free to comment with any others you notice or expect at the conference.

  • obviously there is NO NANOPORE! As recently as Nov’2012 at ASHG there was a big booth with nanopores in action (related reading – At ASHG, Oxford Nanopore Execs Talk Non-Stop but Say Little)
  • the word ‘reveal‘ is in at least 7 titles!! Guess a lot of findings coming up 🙂
  • genome, sequencing, analysis, cancer, clinical are the common and expected ones underlying the basic theme of NGS conferences
  • on the next level are whole (genome) and single (cell or molecule). Interestingly NGS applications allow one to go beyond the mosaic picture from a sample (derived from multiple cells) and focus on individual cells.
  • human, tumors, mutations, detection, discover are the keywords that flow with the clinical and personalized medicine theme
  • there is not much mention of infrastructure, pipeline or bioinformatics, perhaps implying that developing those is not the most pressing, unless it is a novel analysis

AGBT2013 tag cloud


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