Playing around with the 1000 Human Genome Data

I have had my eye out on the amazing 1000 Human Genome Project that has been going on. For my course Poster Presentation I am planning to delve into this and play with the data and see what all I can find.

The 1000 Genomes Project aims to make sequencing data publicly available for 1000 human genomes. This information can be useful for research studies where groups can study variation in large samples and deduce information with comparison to disease samples. Selection and population structure are among other interesting aspects that can be studied given the large amount of data sequencing has made available.

I am interested in studying the genetic variants from the 1000 genomes release dataset. As the data is available from their website there is only one concern left – getting it all out on my MAC or find a server, the plant data stays where it is so I have to hunt for something new!  Once I have this dataset I would like to compare the genetic variations across all chromosomes see how these results compare to past literature and our knowledge about the human chromosomes, this would certainly take a lot more research – so this would have to be an ongoing adventure sorta 😀

Lets see how much interesting information brims up.


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