Personal genomes projects

Planning to sequence 100s of individuals, PGP is a very exciting project that promises to bring loads of data, information and knowledge out to the public.


Their recent update talks about enrollments for the first 100 individuals who would be sequenced

PGP-100 Enrollment Update

The PGP has commenced the enrollment of the PGP-100. If you have submitted your enrollment materials but have not received an invitation, don’t worry – we will continue to send invitations for the PGP-100. We expect to begin enrollment for the PGP-1000 later this year.

Over the next several months we will be collecting tissue samples from as many PGP-100 participants as possible and data from the PGP-100 cohort should begin to arrive on the website shortly.

Moreover, there is a conference in April’10 getting a number of individuals with sequenced genomes on-stage. Sounds like an interesting ‘my genome has this, does yours‘ discussion! is organizing a conference to be held in Boston on April 27, 2010. We’re calling it the GET Conference, which is short for Genomes, Environments, Traits.

The cost of personal genome sequencing continues to fall rapidly. While there are fewer than 25 individuals to-date with public genome sequences, we expect that number to climb sharply in the near future. By the midpoint of this decade, there may be 1 million or more individuals with complete genome sequences worldwide.

2010 is the last chance in history to bring a majority of the individuals with complete personal genome sequences together on the same stage to share their experiences and discuss the important ways in which personal genomes will affect key aspects of our lives. For the GET Conference 2010, we will be doing just that. Confirmed speakers, all of whom have been sequenced, include James Watson, Jay Flatley, Skip Gates, Esther Dyson, Stephen Quake, Misha Angrist, George Church, James Lupski, Dan Stoicescu, Seong-Jin Kim, Greg Lucier and Rosalynn Gill.

Proceeds from the conference will benefit – the non-profit organization supporting the Personal Genome Project and dedicated to serving as the global ambassador for emerging genomic technologies and knowledge that will positively impact the health and well-being of humankind. We hope to make the GET Conference an annual event where we bring together leading thinkers to discuss the impact of personal genomes on our lives, work and society.

We are offering the PGP community of supporters a special opportunity to receive a $250 discount off the registration price as a friend of the GET Conference. Register and use the discount code GETFRIEND to receive this pricing. Seating is limited to 200 people.

Register now, or visit the conference website:

For those unable to make it to Boston in April, we will be posting videos online after the conference.


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