Data collection, use and retention

I came across this interesting discussion and read about some very interesting facts on data privacy. Feel free to comment here, or use the links to join their discussion. A very relevant and related discussion is about the individual genomic data, and its privacy, a lot of which is already discussed by PGP

An international Consortium which is working on scientific-research project entitled “Promoting International Debate on Ethical Implications of Data collection, use and retention for Biometric and Medical Applications” is generating public debates on Ethical Implications of Biometric and Medical Data collection, use and retention. Questions for the discussion are posted at and can be found by following this link

Your participation in this debate are very and very welcome.

Also, Community will appreciate if you will disseminate this information among your colleagues, friends as well as students. So, please, pass this e-mail around your network to support debate.

To understand better how ethical aspects of Medical and Biometric data collection, use and retention can effect our everyday life please see these articles as an examples:

Emerging Issues: The Privacy of Medical Records

Disney has recorded onto tickets the geometry and shape of visitors’ fingers

FBI wants instant access to British identity data

Visitors to Europe will face biometric screening and automated security checks

So, please, visit discussion at by following this link
and post your replays to questions which you like.


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