Why Linux Why Ubuntu

Why Ubuntu is better than Windows or Is Windows 7 better than Ubuntu –

To each his own, Windows is an awesome OS for its ease of being already installed in most machines and to complement that we have polished software that works with it (and is easily available). And you need Windows to play games 🙂

So why linux?
Because its open source, can be modified to suit your needs and you can redistribute it without any keys to type in (i.e. CHEAP)
And the security linux provides is a lure.. let thou be lazy yet always safe. No anti viruses to install EVER..

And why Ubuntu?
Because it has a user-friendly GUI!
Talking ’bout cheap, it comes with an Office (Open Office), an email client (Evolution) all for free!
Don’t forget to throw in free applications which might not be as polished as those for Windows (considering Adobe Photoshop) But in all fairness not everyone purchases Photoshop for “fun”. So try GIMP!
Power up an old machine, and you have ubuntu running for you! Its compatible with more or less all hardware! And am not talking about graphics – you may not envision 3D stuff with that old a machine. Nonetheless your terminal works!

An amazing experience of trials and testing.. Hats off to Linux!


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