AGBT 2009

AGBT expected huge posters sized 4” X 8”, and I actually got myself one! So hard to manage, it needed 3 people to put it up for the poster session. The poster sessions were one of the most useful, apart from some talks and the company sponsored sessions.

Leaving the discussion of the posters I liked to a separate post, let me summarize my own poster here. It is about mitochondrial sequencing on Illumina/Solexa, using defined mixtures of the samples. The most interesting aspects of the data are
Accurate detection
Good reproducibility
Variable depth of coverage
Solexa vs 454 results

As it is, not many people were interested in the first 2 aspects. That shows how fast the field is maturing where the data is expected to deliver. The most questioned aspect of the poster was the work-in-progress part of comparing 454 and Solexa results. I have not seen a clear-cut comparison yet of what are the real differences in results from Solexa and 454 on the same data, and following up on this dataset will be really interesting.


The other part of uneven depth of coverage is very interesting. The 454 and Solexa depth of coverage have different dips and peaks, implying it may not be all about GC content bias after all.

Thoughts are welcome.. and the .png file of the poster is uploaded here.


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